Prompts Complejos – MidJourney

En esta página no habrá un estilo concreto o se trabajará un prompt en especial, es más bien una recopilación de prompts complejos con resultados espectaculares. Normalmente llevan muchos parámetros con los que el usuario puede jugar y cambiar.

Todas las imágenes se crearán con el formato estándar (--v 4) y el más nuevo (--v 5) para comparar resultados

Retrato de una Modelo

face of a model closeup, headshot, long beautiful flowing ink like hair, smoky makeup, shining eyes, grey-gold-blue eyes, gold flecks, defined eyes, realistic eyes, doe eyes, beautiful perfect symmetrical face, extremely detailed, melancholy expression, ultra hd, hdr, 8k, cinematic, dramatic lighting, studio Portrait Lighting, illuminated face, 85mm, volumetric lighting, ray tracing reflections

Acuarela japonesa

gesture painting, guache on paper, female martial artist with bo staff, dynamic pose, professionally painted, in the style of Yoji Shinkawa

Retrato de un robot

close up portrait photo of incomplete humanoid android, covered in white porcelain skin, blue eyes, glowing internal parts, still getting assembled, missing parts, westworld style, Volumetric Lighting, ultrawide shot, sharp, hyperrealistic, reflection, ray tracing, caught in the flow of time, movie still, particle effects, ray tracing, ghost phantom effect, hyper detailed, photoreal, photography, cinematic lighting, hdr, hd, cinematography, realism, fine art digital, HD, redshift rendering, 8k

Mujer Mística

gorgeous woman, peaceful, innocent, tranquil, long flowing hair, liquid rococo fractal, fluid acrylic, elegant gradients, intricate, octane render, depth, detailed eyes, incredibly detailed, hyperrealistic, pastel colours, fractal, 8k octane

Arte Cyberpunk

large white border all round. Overlay Japanese type. A poster with a woman's face on it, cyberpunk art, cgsociety, deconstructivism, darksynth, behance hd, dystopian art

Arte con pintura

dripping red paint across the shape of a female human, realistic , high detail, on a white background

Foto Hiperrealista

medium-full shot of an elderly french woman with deep wrinkles and a warm smile, petting a golden retriever in washington square park, wearing a bright pastel floral blazer made of linen, natural afternoon light reflecting off her eyeglasses, shot on Agfa Vista 200, side-angle view, 4k --ar 16:9 --stylize 1000

Estilo Steampunk

mechanical Hawk, steampunk style Jack Rabbit, steampunk automaton, portrait, steampunk, highly detailed gears and metal parts cinematic light octane render, cinematic lighting, 8k

Gerrero Azteca

a highly detailed fierce young aztec jaguar warrior boy wearing green jaguar mane, heroic roaring wielding aztec sword pose, muscular, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, centered, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, league of legends concept art, wlop

Dios Egipcio Anubis

Anubis, anchient egyptian god, the figure of a man with the head of a dobermann dog, two symmereical eyes, character concept art, perfect head and face, muscular body, dark and mystic background, ancient egyptian inscriptions at the background, hyperrealistic, by artstation, unreal engine render, 8K

** Recuerda, puedes ver todos los prompts para crear las imágenes haciendo clic en cada imagen